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Creating a Business for the Right Reasons with Marc Pierce

In this episode, Don interviews Marc Pierce! He is the CEO of GTFO It’s Vegan, the largest online vegan/plant-based wholesaler and retailer in the country. The company was started by Marc and his wife Tanya, the co-founder of GTFO It’s Vegan, after she told him they were going vegan in 2015. Back then, Marc looked at her with skeptical eyes and said “GTFO, are you serious!?!”  As a loving and devoted husband, he of course said he was open to the idea, but wanted to know why. Tanya went on to explain how she had read about the cruelty of animals, the negative impacts on the environment and our health, and as spiritual human beings – it does not align with what is right, just, and why we are on this planet.  

Therefore, Marc and his wife Tanya sought to start a company that would give others the benefits that she gave him 5 years ago — another chance at life.  And of course, innovation in vegan food has come so far along that the options are limitless and new vegan food innovations are available that we could never have imagined before so living a vegan lifestyle is easy. The goal with GTFO Vegan is to make living a vegan lifestyle easy, fun, and delicious.

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