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The Hollywood Conversion Secret with Daniel Smith

In this episode, Don interviews Daniel Smith! He is the Founder at JIMMYCASE, JIMMYCASE, a company that handcrafts iPhone cases in Los Angeles and ships them directly to customers around the world. The engine that drives JIMMYCASE and enables them to grow consistently, without outside investment, is a marketing method that Dan developed as a creative executive in Hollywood. Think of it as Playboy branding magic meets Wharton analytics rigor. Most online businesses focus on traffic and ad-centric metrics. JIMMYCASE focuses almost exclusively on conversion rate and has developed methods to drive consistent conversion rate growth and grow profitably.

Daniel talks about his transition from the Hollywood entertainment business to starting his own company. He also shares what it was like going from a well-established brand and big company to bootstrapping on his own. And how a completely self-funded company survived the stark economic realities of the pandemic.

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