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Transitioning To CEO In A Family Business with Leiman Chan, Owner and CEO of Nonstop Printing

In this episode, Don interviews Leiman Chan! Leiman is the Owner and CEO of Nonstop Printing. Nonstop Printing is on a mission to help creatives design more fearlessly and for businesses to only make what they need with no minimums while providing high quality print. “We make prints that make you stop.”

Leiman talks about his experience and struggles transitioning into the role of owner and CEO of his family’s business. His parents started the company in 1993 and initially it was not quite clear where Leiman saw his role in the company. He talks about his mindset shift and taking ownership, which has led him to continuing the success his parents began. Leiman talks about his passion, “I think I was put on this Earth to help people create. To help remove obstacles to help them be more creative. Helping creatives become their best selves.”

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