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Dupè Aleru, CEO / Founder of Tutors for Tots & Davi Creative

In this episode, Don interviews Dupè Aleru! She is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer for DAVI Creatives.

Dupè was a former teacher for 4 years in Long Beach, California, and a kindergarten teacher for 2 years. Upon losing her job, she suggested to tutor children during the summer and began a tutoring business for her community in 2011 called Tutor for Tots. She states that there is a high need for supplemental education services and they provided those tutoring services. This pushed her to continue educating even outside of the classroom. 

Dupè also talks about her background and her passion for creating content, which eventually led her to the path of becoming a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur, and the founder of DAVI Creatives, which stands for Digital Courses, Audio Content, Video Content, and Images. Dupè insists that life is too short to be sitting in class. When you have an idea, go and get started today. 

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