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Gregg Lehrman, Founder CEO of Output

Gregg is a musician and was looking for a specific piece of software to help him compose songs. He couldn’t find exactly what he was looking for, so he made it. That led Gregg and his team to create more and more software that music makers use to make their unique compositions. Today Gregg’s firm, Output, is one of the leaders in his industry helping musicians around the world. Inc. Magazine has recognized Output as one of the 5000 fastest growing companies in the country for the past two years in a row! Hear Gregg’s incredible story of how he manages such fast growth and how he transformed his company from selling software as a product, to selling Software as a Service. Learn more at


1 minute clip of Gregg talking about the challenge of managing fast paced growth
1 minute clip of Gregg philosophy about finding your customer’s trust

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